Gift of Protection Bracelet


Stunning crystal heart bracelet made from naturally polished tigers eye, obsidian and hematite This luxury crystal bracelet comes beautifully gift wrapped with a satin bow, gift tag and a description of your beautiful bracelet and how to care for it.


Embrace the empowering energies with the Gift of Protection Crystal Bracelet, a synergy of obsidian, tiger’s eye, and hematite. Crafted for both style and spiritual well-being, obsidian shields against negativity, while tiger’s eye instills courage and resilience. Hematite, with its stabilising influence, balances mind and body. This bracelet is a fusion of beauty and purpose, adorning the wearer with a protective aura and a touch of sophistication. A meaningful gift, it symbolises strength, courage, and balance—perfect for those seeking not only fashion but also a tangible expression of positive energy in their daily lives.

Naomi Victoria Loves is a brand that shares little parcels of love delivered to your door.  They are luxury and high quality and need a little care to ensure they live the life they deserve.

Each one is unique and as they are natural they may have slight imperfections and differ from the photo above.

Crystal Care:

When you receive your crystal,  feel it’s beautiful energy and wear it to help support you in day to day life.

From time to time your crystal bracelet will need cleansing as they can absorb energy.  Simply place in the sunlight or under the moonlight for a few hours to fully restore.



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