Hope Floats Poem by Donna Ashworth A5 Print

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Beautiful A5 print designed by Donna Ashworth.

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Dimensions: 14.85 x 21cm
Reads: "Hope floats, as a fated ship is dragged to its demise on the seabed. Hope rises when everything else is sinking. Hope flies when there are no wings and hope, without an engine. Hope does not need light, or oxygen to survive. It grows best in the dark, truth be told. Hope is the 1% which rallies against statistics. The one they cannot explain. Hope is against-the-odds, in spite of fact and solely made of will. Hope is the space between faith and spirit. Hope is the belief that things can get better, that the sun will warm again, that the end not need be that. Hope lives in the mud, in the mire, in the barren wasteland of emptiness. It is like magic, this hope. And the best thing of all? It’s free, you just have to call it near. Hope floats my friends, cling onto it, when you are just too tired to swim." Donna Ashworth

From the book Wild Hope: Healing Words to Find Light on Dark Days



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