Love Came First Colour Donna Ashworth Poem Greeting Card

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Beautiful greeting card designed by Donna Ashworth. Comes complete with envelope.

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Dimensions: A6 14.8 x 10.5 cm

Reads:  "Love Came First You don't move on after loss, but you must move with. You must shake hands with grief, welcome her in, for she lives with you now. Pull her a chair at the table and offer her comfort. She is not the monster, you first thought her to be. She is love. And she will walk with you now, stay with you now, if you let her. And on the days when your anger is high, remember why she came, remember who she represents. Grief came to you my friend because love came first. Love came first." Donna Ashworth

From the book Wild Hope: Healing Words to Find Light on Dark Days



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