To My Boy Donna Ashworth Signed A5 Print


Beautiful A5 print signed by Donna Ashworth.

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Dimensions: 14.85 x 21cm

Reads: "To My Boy The love a mother has for her son, is like a beautiful black-hole. It is all-consuming, never-ending and mightier than us. Women know one another by instinct, you see, but when a woman creates a boy, something else, something quite magical, happens. I hope I showed you that power, that  I hope I taught you what it is to respect a woman, to respect humans, and to never lose yourself in the process. I pray you see how strong you are, by letting yourself be weak. That is the key. And most of all, I hope you check your heart when you cannot pick up the phone to me. Check the little chasms of your heart, my love, thats where I stored the things you need. The love you need. My boy, my beautiful beautiful boy, you had me at first sight, and you have me forevermore." Donna Ashworth

From the book WILD HOPE: Healing words to find light on dark days



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